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Excel solutions for business


Stock management, production planning, CRM, job tracking and document production challenges can all be handled using the power of Microsoft Excel without costly expenditure on additional software. As a Microsoft Certified Expert in Excel I have a wide variety of experience of developing solutions in it using a range of tools and techniques. Excel can integrate with SQL databases, SAGE, or web based tools to maximise the intelligence you get from existing data, or can function as a standalone customisable database and reporting tool.


Dedicated Problem Solving


With over 18 years of experience working in technical, business analyst and project management roles in IT, I love to bridge the gap between tech and real people. I will work with you and your staff to map out processes and identify areas within your business that can be streamlined with more effective use of technology.

Translating your business needs into bespoke, low cost solutions using the power of MS Excel is a cost effective way to improve processes within your business without significant outlay on expensive pieces of new software. With many years experience working with MS SQL and Sage packages, the ability to interrogate your existing databases is also at hand; this data can be brought into Excel and manipulated easily to provide you with the business intelligence you need. 


Reporting, Manipulating Data and Automating Workflow


Getting your data out of Sage or ERP system and into Excel means you can easily manipulate and review it. Pivot tables are a powerful tool which can help to show you which areas of your business make the most margin, which processes are too time consuming, or how your stock levels fluctuate across different trading periods. All that information can be used to tighten up your processes and streamline the business. 

Google analytics is also a powerful tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses within your website and in conjunction with CK Creative we can get your website working harder for you. Excel is also a powerful tool when it comes to migrating product data between websites or making large scale updates to product descriptions, cross sells or updating images on a site. Instead of you doing these tasks manually which is time consuming and prone to error, I can help with automating this using Excel.

Workflow is a key part of any business, whether it is managing stock, tracking jobs or producing documentation. Using macros within Excel a lot of this can be automated where processes are repeatable. For example a job tracking spreadsheet which pulls data from a central list of customers can prevent duplicate data entry, and can feed in to automatic production of invoices or sign off documentation at the touch of a button.


Recent projects

DSD Tyres

Stock management system – Excel

  • Instant access to stock levels
  • Available offline and on the move
  • Fully maintainable product list
  • Ability to enter stock movements in or out
  • Fully automated calculations – no user interaction required
  • Scope for future reporting based on product or client


CRM system – Excel

  • Easy to use, small scale CRM tool
  • Recording of client contact details
  • Tracking client contacts and level of interest
  • Reporting on efficiency of contact methods

Go Demand

CRM Customisation

  • Customising ZOHO CRM modules to deliver bespoke experience for each client
  • Tailored HTML email templates to deliver lead information to clients
  • Integration with other systems
  • Reporting and Management Information

The Rustic Merchant

Product revamp, content refresh and SEO

  • Project to improve product sales
  • Analysis of existing clients and orders
  • Bulk updating product descriptions and meta data to improve google visibility
  • Refreshing web content
  • Consulting on new and alternative communication channels

Contact me

Everything I do is completely bespoke so I’d love to hear from you to find out more about the challenges your business is facing. With extensive IT experience and a great network of geek friends locally and nationally, if I can’t help you, chances are I know someone who can!